Prosthetics Fitting

Whatever the reason, after a mastectomy, we want you to feel like YOU again!

Our aim is to assist and encourage you with our range of prosthetic products & bras, renewing your confidence and restoring a positive body image.

We pride ourselves on our sensitive and professional approach to measure and fit you!

Our Process


Step 1. Make A Booking

We want to make sure enough time is allowed to fit you properly, that you are comfortable and know what all your options are! Please call and speak to one of our friendly team.


Step 2. Come In Store

During the appointment, we will measure you for size, and ask you questions about what type of bra you would like to wear.
It helps if you bring along a loose-fitting top to your appointment, so you can better see how the prosthesis will look.


Step 3. Making A Choice!

Based on your requirements and measurements, we will show you a range of prosthetics, and specialised bras to choose from. We can also order from a range of suppliers if you are after something specific!


Step 4. Hello Ladies!

During the booking, we will also show you how to fit and clean your prosthesis, so it serves you for many years to come! If you’ve selected from our in-stock range, you’ll be happily walking out the door!¬†


To assist you with the cost of buying a prosthesis after breast cancer surgery, there is a re-imbursement program provided by Medicare. You can find out more details by clicking here.

Mastectomy Wear

The range of mastectomy wear is constantly expanding and many attractive options are available. Our stocked brand is Amoena.
Amoena bring years of specialised experience to the design and manufacture of our comprehensive range of partial and full breast forms.¬†There’s a shape and size for your unique needs, all crafted to the highest standards.